Twisted Bar
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Tom Razzeto
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Twisted Bar

I have been interested in thoughts about life and God for about twenty five years. These ideas are sometimes called non-dual, buddhist, hindu, gnostic, mystic, new age or other names. I pick and choose the ideas I like or understand best and certainly think that it is fine for you to do likewise. We all have our own point of view and I think that my ideas will change even more as time unfolds. I also doubt that there will be many people who agree with all the ideas that I present. While I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, I would, however, like to inspire people to be kinder and happier.

I have read many books, attended numerous channeling sessions, gone to weekend retreats and so forth. I was inspired to compile this material in order to clarify the basics of my current thinking with the main focus being personal and world peace.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and many years of experience in software design, technical support, computer training for all skill levels, and computer consulting.

I enjoy outdoor activities including hiking, tennis, beach volleyball, running and bike riding. I also enjoy relaxing at home with a good book and meditating.

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tr 4 peace at yahoo dot com

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